For Marketing Agencies: Generate €50.000

In Topline Revenue in 12 weeks Using

Our Data-Driven Outbound Framework

Without solely relying on referrals or burning money on paid ads

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

A Team Of Experts For The Same Price As An SDR

Weekly Performance Updates

3 Pillar Method

Accelerate the size of your pipeline using our 3 Pillar Method


We reshape your offer using our expertise, making prospects eagerly say "Yes!".


We deploy our proven acquisition method, guaranteeing more qualified sales leads.


Together, we fine-tune campaigns, targeting only the highest deal closures.

The Nortomate Process


We kick off a 14-day induction program, where we deeply understand your business and your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) to lay a strong groundwork for future growth.

Gathering Data

We construct a list of potential contacts that align with your ICP. We focus our efforts on the most viable prospects for your enterprise, guaranteeing that no potential lead goes unnoticed.

E-mail A/B Testing

Our specialists create engaging email scripts that align with your brand, capturing attention and igniting meaningful conversations.

Consistent Lead Flow

We set up a solid cold email infrastructure, handling all the technical details. You can count on getting responses in your inbox right from the beginning.

Transition to Your Sales Team

That's where your team comes into play, doing what they excel at: sealing the deals.

Optimizing & Scaling

We continually improve and expand your campaign based on feedback and performance data to achieve the best possible results.

The Ultimate Solution For All Your Growth Needs.

Our Cold Email Framework is a tried-and-true approach to growing your customer base, all while saving valuable time and resources

Expand Your Current Clientele
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Cost-effective Results Compared to Similar Methods

Potential Growth Visualized

Why Hire an Additional SDR When You can Access a Complete Team of Experts?

Typical Cost of hiring a SDR

Hiring an additional SDR isn't just about payroll; it represents a six-figure investment that encompasses training, resources, and benefits.

Hours Spent on Training and Getting Up to Speed

Bringing on a single SDR with expertise in all cold email aspects can eat up more than 300 hours, time your business could otherwise use to close deals

Expertise Outnumbers

For a price lower than hiring and sustaining a single SDR, you can enlist a complete team of lead generation experts from Nortomate.


"Working with Nortomate has been an absolute game-changer for our business. Their communication skills, high-quality meetings, and efficiency have surpassed our expectations."
Ahmad Ibrahim
Founder at ibman & Former Partner at The Marketing Guy
"We have achieved outstanding results with Nortomate. Their expertise and dedication have left us with a significant increase in our pipeline and a strong ROI."
Simon Kallehave Ghomri
Founder at Ghomri

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Frequently Asked Questions

What will your services cost?

The cost of your project depends on both the complexity and the type of webpage you need. Let us know about the details of your project, and we'll be able to create an offer tailored to your needs.

What is the structure of your process?

Our process is divided into several stages to ensure maximum efficiency. We begin with a comprehensive onboarding process that involves establishing your sending infrastructure, organizing essential data, and crafting compelling scripts. Next, we initiate the outbound offer market fit phase, and we continue to scale and refine as needed. We consistently launch new campaigns to reach various segments of your target market.

What should I expect in your weekly reports?

Every Monday, we send a report that provides insights on key statistics from the previous week, such as the number of emails sent and leads generated.

What industries do you serve?

While we maintain versatility across industries, our specialization lies in assisting B2B companies that rely on sales or demo calls to secure deals. Our current client base includes e-learning firms, corporate trainers, marketing agencies, software companies, financial services, and various others.

How do you communicate with your clients?

We uphold strong communication with our clients using Slack for routine inquiries, feedback, and updates. Furthermore, we schedule bi-weekly meetings to assess progress, exchange insights, and strategize for future campaign endeavors.

How do you refine the cold email campaign approach?

We are committed to continuous learning and innovation. We consistently analyze campaign data, pinpoint areas for improvement, and make necessary adjustments to ensure your campaign is performing at its best. This may involve refining scripts, fine-tuning targeting, or making overall strategy tweaks.